So You Don’t Have A Valentine


So You Don’t Have A Valentine
Ok, so it’s almost Valentine’s Day and you don’t have a Valentine. You see the cards, hearts and love trinkets in the stores and the cascade of negative thoughts begin. The next thing you know you’re stuck in the world of LACK and the roaring crowd in your head spends hours filling you with all the affirmations of what you DONT HAVE. Left out, alone, nobody cares, not loved, etc… Sound familiar?

Well, let’s try a different approach this year. Let’s look for the opportunities for you to see the ABUNDANCE in your world despite having no Valentine. You see there is love and connection all around you, it’s simply up to you to take off the LACK glasses and put on the LOVE lenses. The challenge is for you to GIVE and RECEIVE these riches in a different form than the one you, and the store’s “love trinkets,” are idealizing.

Ok, let’s start with the basics and most easily accessible to you RIGHT NOW. First, there are streets full of people who could return a smile if you offered one. Someone makes eye contact with you, don’t look away give them a smile. Bingo, a shot of positive connection! You will realize you are not SO alone. Don’t take my word for it. TRY IT.

Next, You have some friends, and family members, who you probably haven’t talked to in quite some time. You could easily pick up the phone and reconnect. But, yes I know we are in 2016 and phones are SO old school. So how about an email or even, OMG, a real handwritten note?! Send a “thinking of you” note and presto your will rapidly realize something VERY IMPORTANT to the part of you feeling LACK. YOU are the second half of that CONNECTION and that YOU have the responsibility to show YOUR care and love too.

So, those opportunities are the obvious fountains of CONNECTION available right now, but what about some of the other bountiful wells that you have not even thought of???? There is a whole world out there filled with people and animals that are in the same state of LACK and in need of a CONNECTION reminder just like you!

Your local animal shelter is filled with broken-hearted cats and dogs who would LOVE to feel even a minute of authentic connection from YOU, yes YOU! And you know what??? If you took the amazing leap to do it, your world would not feel so sad, your life would not feel so bad and you would not be stuck in your state of LACK. Let’s not forget your local nursing homes, shelters and hospitals. There are many people who are feeling LACK and are in need of CONNECTION just like you. Make an offering of a smile and a small chat and suddenly you feel RICH. You feel your value and the value of connecting with others.

You see, we idealize this thing called love into a narrow margin that robs us of a whole wealth of connection. We are meant to believe that our love is only for lovers, and family and friends. But here’s the thing if you spend your life reserving yourself to that level of exclusivity, when you do not have access to those things you will be left in a state of LACK, all by YOUR OWN CHOSEN DESIGN. And here is the kicker! Often times our idea of LOVE is really ATTACHMENT.

Attachment is sticky, it triggers need and jealously and when we don’t have whatever we feel attached to, YUP we end up in a state of LACK with the crowd in our head doing what they do best, feeding us with negative affirmations.

LOVE is freedom. It is inspiring and encouraging. It is the fuel to do the work necessary to heal, grow and be what we are meant to be. So while you are trying to figure the whole love journey out, why not focus on the wealth of CONNECTION you can provide yourself and humanity. Why not make a positive contribution towards yourself so that the crowd in your head begins to remind you how AMAZING YOU and YOUR LIFE are and what you HAVE rather than what you don’t?

May this piece serve as a small CONNECTION and may you all find some JOY this Valentine’s Day.

2 thoughts on “So You Don’t Have A Valentine

  1. I would answer so what if you don’t have a Valentine? Valentine or not I always just keep it moving. It is just one day and newsflash it is just another day…LOL

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