The Sword of Expectation

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Today is the day you end the war on your inner peace. Today is the day you realize you are the source and the barrier. Today is the day you see the weapon you are holding in your hands. The weapon that has wreaked havoc on your ability to stay present and reality based, the weapon that has sliced through so many experiences leaving nothing but strands of disappointment behind…Today is the day you lay your sword of expectation to rest.

Expectations are at the root of so much of our pain. We resonate in the state of disappointment so often, and yet fail to see the source as our own expectations. Expectations are powerful and destructive. Expectations are not helpful. They have the ability to destroy our happiness and leave us resonating in a depressive energy. Expectations have only one thing to offer and that offering is pain.

In order to lay your sword of expectation to rest, you must see it for what it really is. You must understand how it came to be in your hands and how you have been using it. You must own your part.

An expectation is the mutation of an intention. An expectation is a passive process. An expectation is the title of the script you have already written in your mind. The attachment to the outcome is the plot of your script. You expect “life” to play out exactly as you have envisioned it. You have already had the experience in your imagination. It is done, dead and can only ever be a reenactment. It will never BE what you imagined it to be. There is no life in expectation.

An intention is an active process. There is life in intention. When we set our intention, we have the great pleasure of experiencing how it all unfolds in action. There is no attachment in intention. There is only the possibility and flexibility of action. The spontaneity of  our  intention unfolding IS life.

So today you have the choice to see that the weapon you are holding in your hands has been destroying the vitality of your experiences. Today you have the opportunity to release your grip and lay it down. Today you have the opportunity to live the ACTUAL experience of your intentions. Today you have the choice to begin living the joy of discovery rather than the darkness of disappointment.   May you lay your sword to rest and live in peace.






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