Shaking Off Our Negativity


Shaking off our negativity is a process that requires attention and a firm commitment. For most of us, this pattern of negativity has been ingrained for years. The idea that it can be shaken off rapidly is not realistic. How can you expect to suddenly feel better and succeed when you have been engaging in thought patterns that repel both a positive outlook AND outcome for so long?

Do you REALLY want to shake off your negativity for good? Are you truly ready to make success a REGULAR occurrence in your life? If your are sincerely open to it, then you must be willing to put in the steady effort. You must make a vow to the PROCESS.

With negative patterns it is more about committing to the process than focusing on the outcome. Successful integration of the new pattern is what gives you your results. This really is about practice. It requires a steady attention to your own perceptions and a CONSISTENT application of a more constructive response. If you’re not willing to put the time into YOU, it will not happen.

So are you are sincere about shaking off your negativity for good? If yes, then this is the time to make you a priority. This is YOUR life. That means your success and the QUALITY of your life are directly related to your approach. If you are not happy, NOW is the time to make a firm commitment to the process that can truly change it for you. You CAN do this. The question is, Are you willing to do it?

Wishing you complete success and health,

Lee Baker, NLPMP
Founder, Positive Constructs LLC

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