The Energy of Change



Working to make changes can be a process. It requires effort, commitment and structure. It also demands a continuous level of self-focus that can test us all the way to our core.

This type of self-revealing focus puts us nose to nose with who we really are, and let’s face it that can be very painful. There is something very important to consider in the face of that pain however. What if you butt up against the jagged edges of who you are and you decide to run? What if you decide stop working because the pain of walking through it all doesn’t seem worth it?

Let’s say you do decide to avoid the pain of the change process. Or perhaps you have never even thought about the idea of change before. Either scenario requires the style of living where you are focusing primarily on the external. And although the world is filled with plenty of things to keep you focused on everything but yourself, your life cannot be lived exclusively focused on the outside.

Eventually those solitude moments reveal themselves. Those moments creep up on you and leave you no choice but to stop and take a breath. In fact, in order to gather the steam to keep running, you have to take them. And when they do show up, there you will be staring back at yourself. What happens in those unavoidable moments? Anxiety? Anger? Shame? Whatever it is, we can both agree it is a whole lot of discomfort.

I mean if we really get honest about this change process, we exert the same amount of energy running from ourselves as we do committing to the work of change. So which is a more useful consumption of energy, running forward or running around a track that leads us right back to the same painful place?

My suggestion is that you look at your personal energy investments with the same conscientious nature you exercise when making your material investments. You certainly look for the wisest places and things to invest your hard earned money, so why not use the same principle for how you expend your hard earned energy?

After all it sucks to be fatigued and have nothing to show for it but the same painful edges of who you are. So, why not make the investment in yourself and go the distance? Who knows you might discover a wealth of abilities that you never knew you had. Unless you put the time in and work through it all, you will never know what you are truly made of.

Wishing you complete success and health,
Lee Baker, Founder Positive Constructs, LLC

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