Holiday Reflections

Holiday Reflections

Here we are with just a few more days left of 2019.  So, let’s take a moment together and reflect on all that you have achieved. 
Yes, there were moments where you stumbled and convinced yourself that you failed.  But, look again and see what you missed.  The most important thing. You made it through, and here we are.
I want you to look closely at all the times you chipped away at the significance of what it was you were doing, and all that you managed to accomplish, in the face of those great challenges. 
Look back and extract all the moments that you overlooked and undercut.   Do you see just how much you actually did achieve?  Do you see how far you grew, and how it got you to this place right now?
You forgot that it was YOU that carried you through it all.  No one else, just you.  And the fact that you are here right now reflecting, shows you the doubt you had in making it wasn’t true.  Remember that as your feet make their last steps to the year end.
You have an opportunity to tell yourself the truth so that you can lay this year to rest with a smile, a big exhale and step into the new year with a renewed sense of knowing: who you truly are, all your talents, your strength and capabilities.  Well done.
You have all that you need, it is inside of you, so celebrate a walk well done! May you find all that you need in this reflection to clear your vision and fuel your motivation for a most remarkable 2020.  
Happy Holidays,  Here’s to you and 2020…
With lots love and encouragement,

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