Self-Doubt Poison


Rancid liquid, a caustic pour

Cracking all that’s safe and pure

Choking, burning, seething fury

Numb it out and create a story

Fractured innocence put back together with pieces not fully secure

The story ensues

Rebellion, distraction, rejection, indulgence

An ego’s shell hath cast its spell

A magicians curse of the finest turn

Who rides the horse of self deception

Selling potions made with the finest doubt

Offered to lips of the wounded angel seeking

Blindly swallowed down

Driven by a hunger so deep

Desperate to return to the innocence of now

But now was then

And then becomes when

And the poison travels deeper

Widening the cracks with shards of recollection

Stabbing the moment

A soul so lost

Agony rings

Self Love gone

Nothing but a dream

The vision consumed by the magicians deed

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