The Unknown


The Unknown
We all want to feel better, to be successful and to enjoy our lives. Yet when it comes to making the changes needed, many of us get stuck at the threshold of the unknown.

For some, the option we choose is turn back around and talk ourselves into complacency. We tell ourselves the lie that our existing situation is the best we can do and fall into a state of numbness, discontent or even worse subtle depression.

For others, we unknowingly go about sabotaging our situations into crisis. Yes, you heard that right. WE force the change without the conscious realization that we are at the hands of the crisis and the irony is that ALL of this is done just to avoid the unknown! We shy away from occupying the unknown. We fret over what will happen if we go there.

Why you ask? Well, because the unknown is made out to be a terrible place. We are conditioned to believe that buying real estate in the neighborhoods of the unknown is a bad investment. That this place should be feared and is full of potential pain. We make the unknown out to be a dangerous place full of big, scary things.

The truth is the unknown is your ideal location. It is the best place for you to be because it holds the richest market of opportunity for you. The unknown is the needed pause before your visions manifest. The unknown is the undiscovered place of beauty where NO thought obstacles exist. It has no sinister secrets to hide. The unknown is the place where your thought seeds grow to become your reality. the unknown is what YOU make it to be.

It is NOT the unknown that threatens your happiness or prosperity. It is your conditioned thought seeds of self-doubt, mistrust and negativity. This is where caution is required. So take up real estate in the unknown, get comfortable in the stillness and see what your automated self wants to plant. Is it the unknown that’s scary or the thoughts you habitually plant about your future?

4 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. The unknown can be a bit tricky and causes much fear but it is a place that we will all have to deal with at some point. Approach with caution BUT approach anyway

  2. Great article! Too often people think that the unknown will be bad when it can actually be awesome. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

    1. Thank you so much for your positive feedback

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