The World Needs The Brightest Version of You


The World Needs The Brightest Version of You

There are many tragic and scary things occurring in the world. For some, they are happening in our own backyards.

It is difficult to witness the unraveling of goodness. It is incredibly disempowering to discover the prevalence of destructive behavior in the world. It is why now, more than ever, the world needs the brightest version of you.

Do not succumb to you your own negativity. By doing so, you are merely adding strength to the negative current. Channel your frustrations back to your center and your fury back into your heart. Recycle them into the powerful current of positive change. This will benefit you and your communities.

By no means, is this an easy undertaking. It is far easier to succumb to negativity, to lock down in anger and then justify it by the circumstances surrounding us. But what does this actually give us? What does this give our families? How does this truly help anyone or anything?

Be the brightest version of you in the face of the darkest challenges. Be the light that others are so desperately seeking. Encourage, uplift, motivate, inspire regardless of the return reply. Choose the uncharted path of positive change.

Navigate away from the need for validation. Navigate away from the urge to defend yourself in the face of critics. Feed yourself with higher wisdom. Walk with steps of purpose, not pride. Listen with the ear of curiosity, not criticism. Speak with the voice of kindness and a humble tongue. Be the brightest version of you.

Happy Holidays!


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