Breakthroughs to a Better you


Breakthroughs to a Better You

A breakthrough is a sudden discovery or achievement. Breakthroughs are the ability to exceed beyond your own ideas and decisions about something and they are the stepping-stones to a more powerful and expansive YOU. They expand your perspective and enlarge “your world”. They provide greater vision. Breakthroughs are the pools of motivation to swim in when you want change. They are the foundation for achieving metal flexibility, which is critical to maintaining balance in the face of stressors. But breakthroughs don’t happen by sitting around and waiting. So how do breakthroughs happen?

They begin with a leap into something different. They become possible when you are willing to let go of what “you know”. They happen by releasing all that feels familiar, when you take yourself out of your comfort zone and occupy the spaces of new and different. They are made possible when you attach action to a desire to do something out of your ordinary. They are the recipes for you to become extraordinary. But how many of us are actually willing to give it a go?

It took me a long time to get this and I understand how scary it is to put to practice. The picture in this article is of me in the air, and no, this stuff is did not come easy and “natural”. I did not have a background in gymnastics, or acrobatics, when I began. So how did I do it? I did exactly what I referenced in the last paragraph. I took my interest in the activity and attached it to the action of giving it a go.

I remember the first time I stepped into an acrobatics class and thought, “what the hell am I thinking?” I nearly sabotaged my opportunity for a breakthrough by succumbing to doubt and walking out. Something pushed me beyond my resistances and I stuck with it. That one decision to stick it out changed everything.

By giving myself that one opportunity, I opened up the door to access many breakthroughs. Acrobatics puts all my thoughts about myself, and my fears, in my face with no escape. It requires a tremendous amount of letting go of what “I know” and requires me to exist in the realm of the unknown. Don’t get me wrong it is hasn’t been easy, but it has given me a new level of awakening and access to a better version of myself.

I encourage all of you to immerse yourself in different and new. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s awkward, but that’s the place of opportunity. Comfortable is not always fulfilling, especially if you are struggling with depression, discontent and/or dissatisfaction in your life, and comfortable cannot give you growth. Expansion only happens in the space of the unknown. So, take a chance on yourself and this playground called your life. You have everything to gain and lots of negative self talk to lose!

Good luck and feel free to share some of your breakthroughs with me.

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