Big Picture


Many members of our communities are swearing off ALL police officers as bad based on the actions of SOME. I am openly asking you to reconsider your logic.

Yes, inarguably there is a problem with SOME police officers all over the country. Their actions are inexcusable. But this is not EVERY Police Officer and it is unreasonable and unacceptable for us as a nation to write ALL law enforcement off because of the actions of some. Nor is it reasonable, or logical, to justify our own unacceptable acts of violence against law enforcement.

Do we write ALL doctors off because some are incompetent? No, we still entrust our health in their hands.

Do we write ALL priests off because some have molested children? No, we still entrust our faith and worship under their guidance

Do we write off ALL daycare providers off because some have abused children? NO, we still entrust our children to their care.

Judgment and generalizing is not the route to true understanding. This blocks the power of logic and limits our ability to solve this charged issue effectively.
We are faced with a serious problem, no question. Some of those officers may be abusing their power. But many of those officers are behaving out of control because their ability to reason is lost to the reactionary survival response that occurs in every human exposed to cumulative stress.

Make NO mistake, this does not justify OR excuse their actions at all. But it does call into question the need to address this issue from a place of reason. We must approach this matter with the intent to solve the problem not foster more chaos.
We as a nation must challenge each other to look beyond our snap judgments and narrow lens in order to solve this big picture issue. It is imperative that we come together and support one another. We pledge allegiance and yet many of our actions are betraying the very fibers of our country.

So I ask those of you who have chosen to swear off ALL police officers to reconsider your quick decision to generalize ALL officers so negatively. This is not in our nations best interest. The time to think bigger is now. We must reroute our focus towards supporting rather than dividing.


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