How to Scale the Wall of Resistance to Reach Your Goals


Goals sound like an awesome idea because they make us feel great thinking about achieving them. So why do so many people fall short of reaching them? The problem is that most of us only connect our excitement to crossing the finish line. We forget to fill our whole goal map with the same level of enthusiasm, and in turn, we get slammed into our own wall of resistance. So here are a few simple steps to help you finally get over the wall and win!

The first key point to remember about goal setting is that when you set a goal, you must infuse the details with the similar level of positivity that you have about reaching the goal. In other words, you have to connect the same positive excitement into the required work, time and consistency needed to achieve the goal. This is where people typically fall short and end up quitting.

You quit because once you get started it doesn’t feel fun and exciting like you had imagined. Why? Because you only imagined how the end result would feel and forgot to factor in how the other parts of the process would feel. So when things start to feel difficult, uncomfortable and painful, you lose motivation to get to the finish line and quit.

Does that mean I’m saying that work, time and consistency are resistance walls? Most definitely! And they will continue to be BIG, GIANT walls that block you from achieving your desired outcomes unless you do two very important things.

First, when you set a goal you must visualize the whole process from start to finish. See yourself making the time to reach the goal, visualize yourself making the effort in each step and then visualize the process of repetition/consistency over the timeline needed to achieve your outcome.

Second, and this IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP, when you are visualizing the time, effort and consistency, you must infuse positive FEELINGS towards each part of the process. This means you want to amp up your excitement about taking the time, making the effort and being consistent! Let’s have a look at an example for a better understanding of how this works.

GOAL: Run a 5k race

TECHNIQUE: See yourself marking your calendar to train. Now let yourself smile about taking time during your busy day to do it. Next, feel yourself lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement. Now allow yourself to feel some of the difficult breathing and muscle burn that happens from running. Now this is the critical place where you want to infuse lots of strength and enthusiasm about hard training knowing that pushing through this burn will allow you to finish your race with ease. Now visualize yourself repeating this process with a sense of enthusiasm and satisfaction for being consistent. Lastly, see yourself running the 5k and crossing the finish line with a great sense of satisfaction.

Important to note, that you can’t BS yourself, so if you don’t take the time to walk yourself through the steps and infuse a sense of positivity in the areas of time, effort and consistency, your wall of resistance will once again be too big to climb. So practice and ask for help if you are struggling with mapping out the details of your goal and/or visualizing. Your next big goal is just a few easy steps away from being yours to achieve!


2 thoughts on “How to Scale the Wall of Resistance to Reach Your Goals

  1. I loved this article. Achieving a goal is definitely not easy and most of the time it’s not fun. But if you learn how to approach all situations, even the negative, I think it can all become a little easier to achieve something.

    If you ever have the time, I would love to feature some of your beautiful work on my site! Email me if you’re interested at

    I look forward to reading more of your writing!

    1. Thanks so much Daniel. I reached out last week with an email. Please let me know when a good time would be to connect next week.

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