Let’s Talk About Depression

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Let’s Talk About Depression

Depression, and The Holiday Blues, seem to be an increasing reality for many people. And unfortunately, there appears to be a lot of false assumptions about depression out there.  This is especially true about what “happy people” vs. “Depressed people” look like and act like. This only makes things more difficult for those who are struggling.  So, here are a few insights about depression.  Let’s work towards connecting and supporting vs. dividing and judging.

  1. You can be a very positive person and still suffer from depression
  2. No, the positive energy is not fake.
  3. Energy changes, it’s not constant.  You can have positive energy and sad energy, just like you can go from feeling warm to feeling chilly.
  4. Depression does not mean permanently stuck in an emotional continuum.
  5. Feeling depressed does not destroy, or eliminate, your ability to emit positive energy.
  6. Depression is not something to fear or judge.
  7. Depression isn’t any different than fear.  These are emotional states of being and they can shift.
  8. Smiles are simply behavioral expressions of positive energy.  They are not an indication of anything other than the energy of that moment.
  9. It is inappropriate to assume that because the person is emitting positive energy (smiling), this is how they feel all the time, even if they smile regularly.
  10. This is something to think about in general.  For example, it is inappropriate to assume that someone you find beautiful, has a blessed life.
  11. These types of assumptions are not helpful, all they succeed in doing is creating barriers from connection and understanding.
  12. Identify with energy instead of identity.  Maybe then, it won’t be so hard to do what you need to do to take care of yourself or to help support others in doing the same thing.
  13. Lastly, if we start focusing on understanding ourselves and our own energy i.e. Why it’s there and how it works, perhaps we wouldn’t be so confused about other people’s energy.

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