Eleven Ideas For 2019

Get Back to the Basics in 2019
May this be your best year yet! 

Get Back to the Basics in 2019
May this be your best year yet!
  1. Take time for you – saying you don’t have time is so 2018.  Make time for you this year
  2. Be kind to others – don’t think it, do it.  Kindness matters
  3. Move your body – take the stairs, walk home, get a bike, make movement a priority this year
  4. Cut down on your social media time – the best gift you can give yourself and your relationship, is curbing the habit
  5. Get out in nature more – nature heals, so get out there.
  6. Walk some shelter dogs – giving back makes a difference
  7. Be more playful – play tag, swing on the swings, have a pillow fight,…playing is great for your mental health, try it
  8. Exercise your right to smile without a cause – smiles are free and deserve to be shared
  9. Drink more water– hydrate your body
  10. Say thank you daily – gratitude is the best platform to launch your day
  11. Don’t skimp on I love you– express your love to those you care about, it’s worth it for both you and them.

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