The Power in Simplicity

The Power in Simplicity

Our thoughts can be so incredibly counterproductive and unhelpful when it comes to our health and happiness. This occurs more often than we realize.
For example, one very important point that many people refuse to believe is; that true health and happiness simply requires taking VERY BASIC, action steps. I bet there are quite a few of you balking at the sentence right now. Are you tensing up and getting ready to make all kinds of arguments to the contrary? Well, don’t worry you are among the masses who have been duped into this counterproductive belief about your health and how to maintain it.

The secret is that health and healthy lifestyles are NOT complicated at all. They are actually quite easy. What is complicated are all the IDEAS we fill ourselves, and others, with about the process. We expend SO much energy in unknowingly overwhelming and frustrating our minds with IDEAS rather than just taking the basic, and needed, action steps to care for ourselves.

So, what areas in your life are you overcomplicating? Where are you not feeling productive? Chances are it’s because you expend most of your energy in the complex ideas and the negative analysis about following through, rather than simply taking small, action steps. Sound too basic? Well, if it does then, bingo! You have found the obstacle. Give it a go before you knock it out as a possibility.

So here is your challenge for the week. Simplify your thoughts and put some simplicity into your routine. Yes, that’s right. Purge your need for MORE. Eat one serving of vegetables. Get off your computer for five minutes. Take a short, brisk walk. Write your spouse a love note. Ride a bike for a few minutes. Play a game. Sing out loud. Do something outside of your normal routine, but change it up in a very elemental way. Simplify.

Little things DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. It reroutes your brain in a new direction. A direction you have not traveled. It creates an opportunity for positive feelings about change and a new path to make it happen.
The most difficult thing is going to be undoing all the complicated beliefs you have about simplicity. It can be very eye opening and LIFE CHANGING! You can do this and yes, it requires slowing down, creating more space, enjoying each little step. Try it.

Also, I would love to help you. So, send me a note if you would like help moving in a positive direction. Never underestimate your ability to change and heal. Step by step is key.

Have a great day!

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