6 Remedies For The Holiday Blues


The holiday season is a jolly good time right? Well, for some, not so much. If you are one of the many people feeling the pressure to put on a cheery holiday persona when you are really feeling blue, these six remedies can help.

  1. Tell the truth! Ok, I’m not saying you need to publicly broadcast it. But, if you want any chance of passing through the blues, you must, must, must, honor how you’re REALLY feeling. Write it down AND speak out loud. Just “thinking” about it in your head will NOT produce the same beneficial effects. Here is an example to help you get started.
    EXAMPLE: “I am really feeling overwhelmed and sad this holiday season. It is important for me to acknowledge my struggles. I understand that by doing so I am releasing some of the pressure that I have put on myself to fit in and be happy. I also understand that by releasing this pressure I am giving myself the opportunity to relax and by relaxing I am giving myself the possibility for a better experience.”
  2. Get more air! Yes, you heard me right. Increased circulation and greater oxygen uptake is key. This is not only beneficial for removing the toxins and waste from your body, but also releases endorphins and changes your thought focus. So put on your earphones, play some upbeat music and get out there. Walk briskly and breathe deeply! 20 minutes a day is all it takes to make a difference.
  3. Make sense with Scents! Our olfactory system, the fancy way of saying your sense of smell, has a very powerful effect on our moods. Scents like peppermint, rosemary, tangerine and lemon can be very uplifting. I will be releasing a more detailed article about aromatherapy in February, but until then find your favorite scents and sniff away!
  4. Party Prioritize! You do not have to accept all your holiday invites. It’s ok to say no and today I give you permission to do so. For the sake of YOU feeling well, limit your “have” to attend list to a MAXIMUM of 3-4 parties. HINT, HINT, before each party, do the exercise listed in Remedy #1.
  5. List Your Awesomeness! Ok, this may sound a little over the top, but hey what do you have to lose besides the blues? And umm, let’s be honest here, your blues self-talk radio channel is NOT so positive or motivating. You do have the ability to feel better by getting your mind to focus on more positive self-dialogue. So, sit down and make a list of all the things you know you do well. Right now. Yes, get that pen out, or open your laptop, and start writing a list of what makes you amazing. What are you waiting for? And if you need someone to hold you accountable for just how great you are, send it to me!
  6. Reach out for Support! Ok, this is the most important one. Support is key for changing the blues for good. Why? Because that blues DJ is so awfully good at playing the blues songs like: nobody understands, nobody cares, I have to do it all on my own, I’m weak if I don’t take care of it by myself. Sound familiar? Make today the day that you fire the blues DJ and get real. There is NO weakness in support!

You matter this, and every, holiday season. You have the ability to get through these feelings. You also have the opportunity to get to the other side where you can authentically say, “I’m ok” and, “I DO feel better”. Nobody else can do this for you, BUT that does NOT mean that nobody cares about you. And remember, I am only an email, or a phone call, away.

May this New Year be your best yet!

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