Guidelines of Love


We are so worried about finding love, keeping love, making love or being worthy of love. We angst over someone deserving our love or someone needing our love. This does nothing but render us totally lost to love. Here is a guide to lead you away from the noise and back towards love.

If you are trying to love, it is not love.
If you are working to love, it is not love.
If you are worrying about love, it is not love.
If you are doubting love, it is not love.

Time is not love.
Sex is not love.
Things are not love.
Words are not love.

Love cannot be managed.
Love cannot be controlled.
Love does not have a pre-determined expiration date.
Love is not yours to covet, hide or deny.

Love is not a thought.
Love is not an idea.
Love is not an agenda or a fantasy.
Love is not pressure.
And most importantly,

Love begins with you, not another.
It is your core.
It is your center.
Love is the natural, free flowing, deep magma of you.

It is the place inside where you have spent the least amount of time.
And it is why you are so lost to how it feels.
If it feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar, you are in the right place.
If you feel mortal and vulnerable, you have found it.
If it is something your mind cannot describe, you are there.

Spend time here.
Take up residence in this space.
When you learn to feel safe here, you will never lose your way again.
Make it your home, sacred and vital to you.

Love is the gift of experiencing the true you.
If you want deep love, true love or real love, you must first know the love of you.

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